FDI evaluates Caries Prevention Partnership chairside guide, grants Smile Awards

Notable results of the evaluation survey on the Caries Prevention Partnership (CPP) Caries Prevention and Management Chairside Guide were discussed in-depth at the interactive CPP Guidelines workshop at the FDI World Dental Congress in Buenos Aires, Argentina. FDI recently conducted a survey to evaluate the CPP chairside guide, which was released at the 2017 World Dental Congress. The primary aim of the survey was to obtain feedback from oral health professionals on the usefulness and relevancy of the guide. A total of 330 oral health professionals from 88 countries participated in the survey.

The CPP chairside guide was developed to reduce the impact of caries as early as possible by preventing further tooth destruction, to reverse the carious process in favour of remineralization, and to empower patients to improve and maintain their own oral health. The chairside guide is designed in an easy-to-use format tailored to the dental practice setting.

The survey results revealed that the CPP chairside guide is appreciated by most oral health professionals. It is considered informative and useful, especially for adopting a preventive approach based on age and in terms of supporting decision-making. Further statistical analysis found that the guide is most useful for oral health professionals with less than ten years of experience in their current roles. An infographic with key results may be downloaded from the FDI website.

In addition to the chairside guide, the CPP granted FDI Smile Awards to this year’s winners at the FDI General Assembly on 3 September. The Smile Award recognizes sustainable, longer-term projects to improve oral health around the globe.

FDI Smile Award_ Indian Dental Association (IDA) and New Zealand Dental Association

This year, the Indian Dental Association (IDA) and the New Zealand Dental Association (NZDA) were each presented with the FDI Smile Award.

IDA was awarded for its National Oral Health Programme, which strives to attain optimal oral health for all by 2020, notably through oral health check-ups and awareness camps for children.

FDI Smile Award_ Indian Dental Association (IDA) and New Zealand Dental Association

NZDA was awarded for its project to support New Zealand schools to become “water-only”, meaning that water and low-fat milk would be the only drinks permitted on school premises.

FDI Smile Award

The CPP chairside guide and the FDI Smile Award were developed as part of the CPP, an international effort to help shift the focus of dental practitioners from a restorative approach to preventative dental medicine. Launched in 2015 and supported by Colgate, this initiative seeks to enhance oral disease prevention through high-quality educational communications materials on caries and associated activities that target professionals, patients and the public.

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The Caries Prevention Partnership strives to reduce the burden of dental caries by focusing on prevention rather than restorative care.

Caries Prevention Partnership

This chairside guide advises clinicians on restorative interventions with their patients. It is a visual support to the White Paper on Dental Caries Prevention and Management, with easy-to-follow guidelines suitable for the dental practice.

Caries prevention and management chairside guide

A survey conducted by FDI with 330 oral health professionals from 88 countries to determine the whether the Caries Prevention and Management Chairside Guide is a helpful tool within dental practices.

Key lessons from the evaluation of the caries prevention and management chairside guide

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