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Nominations 2016 - English

Deadline for reception of documents at the head office

Nominations must be received by the FDI head office:

  • For Council – by Saturday 11 June 2016
  • For Standing Committees – by Thursday 12 May 2016

Call for nominations for the 2016 FDI elections


Councillors - There are three vacancies. One Council vacancy will be open for nominations from Africa only. All members of Council are to be elected by General Assembly election.

>Access the 2016 list of vacancies.

Standing Committees

Membership Liaison and Support

The Membership Liaison and Support Committee monitors and advises Council on issues concerning internal and external communications and FDI support to members.
There are three vacancies. One vacancy will be filled by General Assembly election and two vacancies will be filled by Council election.

> Access the 2016 list of vacancies.

Dental Practice

The Dental Practice Committee monitor and advise Council on issues concerning dental practice.                                                                                                                                 There are three vacancies. One vacancy will be filled by General Assembly election and two vacancies will be filled by Council election.

> Access the 2016 list of vacancies.


The Education Committee monitor and advise Council on issues concerning dental education, the scientific programme of the Annual World Dental Congress and the FDI's continuing education programme.                                                                                                           There are six vacancies. Three vacancies will be filled by General Assembly election and three vacancies will be filled by Council election.

> Access the 2016 list of vacancies.


The Science Committee monitor and advise Council on scientific issues related to oral health.
There are no vacancies for the Science Committee.

Public Health

The Public Health Committee monitor and advise Council on issues concerning the improvement of oral and general health in disadvantaged populations and on issues surrounding wider health promotion.                                                                                     There are no vacancies for the Public Health Committee.

Nomination process

All Regular Members and Regional Organisations are entitled to submit nominations for Members of Council and Standing Committees. Each nomination must be supported by the Regular Member Association of the nominee in writing. Nominations should be accompanied by the following documents:

  1. Nomination form
  2. Curriculum vitae (CV)/Personal record
  3. Written presentation/letter of motivation (for Council: no more than 500 words; for Standing Committees: no more than 350 words)

The three above documents should be sent in English (preferably by e-mail) to the FDI Governance Director, Mrs. Djerdana (Gina) Ivosevic at, with Mrs. Maria Kramarenko on copy or via fax to 00 41 22 560 81 40.

All nominations that meet the criteria will be made available to Regular Members 60 days prior to the meeting.


Presentations are to be submitted in English. However, in addition to the documents in English, Associations/Organizations are allowed to provide translated versions in one of the other FDI languages (French, German and Spanish) at their own cost. The written presentations will be reproduced in the General Assembly documentation exactly as received. No editing or translation will be done by the FDI.

Every nominee or his/her representative will have the opportunity to make a three minute verbal presentation:

  • Council During General Assembly A
  • Standing Committees During Open Forum 2

Eligible candidates will be able to introduce themselves with a 3 minute PowerPoint presentation prior to the elections themselves.

Dates of the Presentations

General Assembly A on Tuesday, 6th September (08.30/17.15)

Open Forum 2 on Wednesday, 7th September (08.30/10.30)

Place of the Presentations: Hall 1 – Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie, (Poznan International Fair)

You should develop your personal presentation independently without the involvement of third parties and your presentation must be based on the position you are applying for.  Your presentation must not be influenced by commercially organized activities (e.g. ‘satellite symposia’). The use of promotional materials like flyers is accepted but limited to one A4 page. However, gifts are strictly prohibited and handing out and/or promoting products is not allowed on site. The use of logos, symbols, colors, etc. that refer explicitly, or implicitly, to a third party are not allowed.

Your presentation must be sent in PowerPoint format to the FDI Office by August 5, 2016 to Mrs. Maria Kramarenko (

Nominees' presentations dates

  • Council During General Assembly A – Tuesday, 6th September (08.30/17.15)
  • Standing Committees During Open Forum 2 – Wednesday, 7th September (08.30/10.30)

Election dates

  • Council During General Assembly B – Friday, 9th September (14:15/17.15)
  • Standing Committees During General Assembly B - Friday, 9th September (14:15/17.15) or Council C - Saturday, 10th September (08.30/12.45)


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