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FDI World Dental Federation is the largest membership-based dental organization in the world. It is the principal representative body for over one million dentists worldwide. FDI’s membership comprises approximately 200 national member dental associations and specialist groups in some 130 countries. FDI Membership is open to Dental Associations/Organizations only.

For any questions on membership application, please contact Maria Kramarenko, Membership Manager, mkramarenko@fdiworlddental.org

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Regular Members

Regular Members are national dental associations which are recognized by FDI as principal associations and significant representatives of the legal and certified dental profession in their own countries, who have fulfilled the requirements of membership.Membership of the association should be open to all dentists in the country and the association’s mission and goals should be in line with those of FDI.

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Associate Members

Associate Members are national dental associations that are recognized by FDI as significant representatives of the legal and certified dental profession in their own countries and have fulfilled the requirements of membership but for reasons acceptable to FDI, do not wish to hold regular membership.

This category of membership is not open to associations that are the sole representative national dental association in that country. Such associations belong to the category of Regular Members. Membership in the association should be open to all dentists in the country and the association’s missions should be in line with those of FDI.

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Affiliate Members

Affiliate Members are not-for-profit international dental associations representing dental organizations whose missions are in line with those of FDI. Affiliate Members must be able to demonstrate that they have significant international membership and interests, that membership is open to all qualifying organizations from all countries and that they provide services, programmes or resources to their member organizations. This category is for organizations primarily representing dentists, and not for industry or commercial organizations or for organizations representing members with commercial interests.

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Supporting Members

Supporting Members are not-for-profit international organizations and national organizations with an international role and objectives in or related to the field of dentistry.

Members have direct or indirect involvement in the dental profession and with members of the dental team, but do not qualify for one of the above membership categories. The organization’s missions should be in line with those of FDI.

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