Anual Report

2021 FDI Annual Report highlights positive developments across the oral health agenda despite uncertain times

Read the report and learn, how despite all the challenges over the last two years, there was plenty to celebrate.

Hardships, opportunities and progress

As we reflect on 2021, another year full of challenges and hardships, let us not forget the new opportunities and progress made in the face of in adversity. In 2021, we were able to adapt, act and continue with our pledge to lead the world to optimal oral health.

Despite the unprecedented global health crisis affecting all aspects of life, we saw exciting developments across the global health and development agenda. Our solid membership base showed their resilience and worked tirelessly to prioritize the health and well-being of their patients and communities.  Thanks to our partners, we were able to lead the global fight to improve the oral health and quality of life of people worldwide.

The challenges of 2021 pushed FDI to innovate at every level. We strengthened our governance mechanisms to ensure that our organization continued to thrive in uncertain times. We celebrated the launch of many new projects as well as our Vision 2030: Delivering Optimal Oral Health for All report, the International Dental Journal was moved to a new open-access era, and we rejoiced with people globally on World Oral Health Day. We also made sure the voice of the global oral health community was heard as the World Health Organization drafted its landmark resolution as well as the global Oral health strategy, and we ensured that oral health inequalities were not exacerbated by pushing for the continued phase down approach to dental amalgam as outlined in the Minamata Convention on Mercury.  

Read the 2021 Annual Report for full details on FDI’s annual events, oral health projects, advocacy agenda, scientific journal, membership details, financial statements, and find out which partners supported our efforts.