Brush Day & Night_12 years of improving oral health worldwide_brochure
Oral health for children

Brush Day & Night: 12 years of improving oral health worldwide

Published: November 2018

The Brush Day & Night project advocates twice-daily toothbrushing with a fluoride toothpaste as one of the most important habits for good oral health and general health. For 12 years, the project has been teaching children about the benefits of good oral hygiene and how to brush their teeth, encouraging them to become community advocates and spread the message of good oral health to their families and friends.

The brochure condenses the content of the scientific article published in the International Dental Journal (IDJ), targeting a wider audience. It reports on key facts of Phase III and highlights Phase IV, which runs until December 2019.

The brochure includes executive summary of the IDJ supplement and an infographic, illustrating key facts about the methodology of the programme and the positive results of Phase III, which ran from 2014 to 2016, reaching over 4 million children and parents through 21-day oral health education programmes in schools.

The brochure offers a snapshot of a successful FDI and industry partner collaboration to improve oral health outcomes. It may be used as supporting material for FDI National Dental Associations and dentists alike to promote future educational programmes and wider oral health improvement programmes in their respective country contexts.


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