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Discover the new editor-in-chief’s vision and plans for the International Dental Journal

Read Prof. Sam’s vision and plans for the International Dental Journal in his inaugural editorial, published in the February issue, and learn why he launched a new subsection on Science and Technology in Dentistry. 


Prof. Lakshman ‘Sam’ Samaranayake has just published his first issue, as the new editor-in-chief, of the International Dental Journal (IDJ) and takes the opportunity to share his vision and plans through his “New Beginnings” inaugural editorial. He also explains why he added a new subsection on Science and Technology in Dentistry. The February issue also features the collection of eleven policy statements adopted by FDI during the 2021 World Dental Congress.

New editor-in-chief’s vision and plans


Prof. Sam highlights his vision of taking the IDJ to new heights by continuing the outstanding editorial work of his predecessor, Prof. Ira Lamster, while expanding on an array of topics in oral health. He intends on increasing the scope and the remit of the journal to incorporate multidisciplinary topics that impact dental practice today such as infectious diseases, artificial intelligence, and tele-dentistry by adding a new major subsection on “Science and Technology in Dentistry”. This will complement the existing sections on practice-related research, international public health, and interprofessional education and practice.

Together with an expanded editorial board, he intends to make the journal more inclusive of biomedical, clinical, and surgical sciences in dentistry and hopes to increase the readership and impact of FDI’s flagship journal.

With his extensive plans for the journal along with his expertise in clinical microbiology, research and academic publishing, dental pedagogy, and executive level administration, Prof. Sam is well placed to take the journal forward in this new open-access era.

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Policy statements


The February issue also features the collection of 11 policy statements adopted by FDI during the 2021 World Dental Congress. By referencing these important papers, you can help expand their reach and impact. So please read, reference, use and share the policy statements covering the following topics:


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The new issue also features articles on the Causal Link Between Periodontitis and Cardiovascular Disease; the Impact of Smoking Cessation on Periodontal Tissues; Environmental Sustainability Through Good-Quality Oral Healthcare, and many others.

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