FDI Sustainability in Dentistry project shows patients how they can be more environmentally conscious when taking care of their oral health

FDI’s Sustainability in Dentistry project equips dentists and their teams with a suite of tools and resources to help them improve sustainability in their dental practices.

Patient-centred infographic offers advice on adopting good oral health habits to take care of the mouth and the environment

The project recently unveiled an infographic (available in English, French and Spanish) on maintaining good oral health for patients. The messages in the infographic empower the patient to make informed choices to support their overall oral health while also being mindful of the environment and sustainability.


Maintaining Good Oral Health Infographic

About the Sustainability in Dentistry project

FDI’s Sustainability in Dentistry project was established to motivate and inspire commitment to reduce the collective CO2 footprint of dentistry, targeting practitioners, patients, and the supply chain itself.

Over the next two years FDI will work collaboratively with its partners and other key stakeholders to map out strategies and implement solutions to help reduce the environmental impact of dentistry and the dental industry.

The project will produce a suite of tools and resources for dental practices and patients to be more environmentally sustainable. Through multi-stakeholder collaboration, the project will develop a Consensus Statement outlining the environmental impacts of dentistry. This will form the basis of the Consensus Summit and resulting Code of Good Practice, which provides guidelines and objectives for achieving a sustainable procurement and supply procedure. This will be signed by co-signatories across the supply chain. New signatories will be encouraged to sign the document and commit to a more sustainable future.

The five founding partners of the Sustainability in Dentistry project are ColgateGSK Consumer HealthcareDentsply SironaTePe and Procter & Gamble.

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