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Improving interprofessional collaboration through Integrated Electronic Health Records

A three-day meeting on FDI’s Integrated Electronic Health Records in Dentistry project takes place in Chicago from 21-23 February to develop a standardized set of oral health indicators to enhance integrated EHR systems.

EHRs meeting

The integration of dental and medical Electronic Health Records (EHRs) holds immense potential to revolutionize healthcare, but its success hinges on understanding user needs and applicability in diverse settings. In 2023, FDI, in collaboration with Henry Schein, initiated a project to identify user needs, develop recommended oral health (OH) indicators, and promote holistic patient data collection.

In 2024, the project took a significant step forward by establishing an International Advisory Group tasked with developing a standardized and recommended set of OH indicators. This group convened for an intensive three-day meeting from 21–23 February in Chicago, Illinois.

Enhancing holistic healthcare with integrated electronic health records

Prior to the meeting in Chicago, the Integrated EHRs in dentistry Task Team conducted a comprehensive scoping review, examining both integrated and non-integrated EHR systems to extract vital data and assess the incorporation of OH indicators.

At the three-day meeting, EHR end-users, the expert group, and the international advisory group converged to discuss needs, preferences, operational barriers, and facilitators. Dr Tashfeen Kholasit, a General Dentist in the UK and participant of the meeting, highlighted the significance of the EHR project in integrating dentistry with broader healthcare. She emphasized that EHRs facilitate understanding patients' medical backgrounds and enhance communication between dental and medical professionals, thereby ensuring comprehensive patient care, particularly in managing conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.

Dr Yasmin Allen, Clinical Director of Dental Care in the UK, who also participated in the meeting, stressed the importance of fostering interprofessional collaboration to ensure that dentistry is seamlessly integrated into the broader healthcare system rather than functioning in isolation.

Additionally, the meeting aimed to gather input on preliminary recommendations and their implementation in EHRs. The goal was to develop a standardized list of OH indicators for integrated EHRs and to reach a consensus on these indicators.

Through reaching a consensus, FDI will take a significant step towards effectively integrating oral health within broader health, thereby enriching healthcare provisions for all and fostering greater interprofessional collaboration.

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