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International Dental Journal achieves top quartile ranking with 2023 Impact Factor

The 2023 Impact Factors have been released! The IDJ receives a 3.2 IF, propelling its ranking in the top quartile of dentistry, oral surgery, and medicine journals! Read more for further details.


The International Dental Journal (IDJ), FDI’s open-access scientific journal, marks another milestone in its 74-year journey by receiving an Impact Factor of 3.2 in 2023. This achievement propels IDJ’s ranking to #20 out of 157 in dentistry journals, placing it in the top quartile of Dentistry, Oral Surgery and Medicine journals.

A testament to the journal’s growing influence in the field of dentistry

Under the visionary leadership of Editor-in-Chief Prof. Lakshman Samaranayake, the journal’s horizon has broadened with the introduction of a wealth of new content and initiatives. In 2022, a subsection focused on science and technology was launched. This was followed by the introduction of the Succinct Rapid Communication – a new article type featuring fully developed primary research in a shorter format than standard research articles. Additionally, in 2024, a subsection on artificial intelligence and dentistry was introduced to ensure the journal remains at the forefront of dental research and innovation. The expansion of the editorial board has also played an important role in enhancing the journal’s overall quality.

These advancements have undoubtedly solidified IDJ's position as a key reference point for clinicians worldwide in the field of international oral health. Authors around the globe are encouraged to contribute to IDJ's ongoing success by submitting their papers and becoming part of its journey.

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