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International Dental Journal celebrates 70th volume with a special issue on an oscillating-rotating electric toothbrush with micro-vibrations

FDI’s International Dental Journal (IDJ)


In April, FDI’s International Dental Journal (IDJ) published its 70th volume. To mark this milestone, the journal released an open-access special issue entitled Scientific Evidence behind a Novel Oscillating‐Rotating Electric Toothbrush with Micro‐Vibrations. The issue was made possible by Procter & Gamble Company. 

The special issue includes an introductory article and three scientific research reports on the Oral‐B iO toothbrush technology:


Outcomes from the three studies mentioned above demonstrate statistically significantly greater plaque removal and gingival health improvements for the Oral‐B iO toothbrush technology versus manual and sonic toothbrush controls. In addition, gingivitis case status assessments based on the American Academy of Periodontology (AAP) and European Federation of Periodontology (EFP) guidelines show that over 80% of subjects using the Oral‐B iO transitioned from ‘gingivitis’ (≥10% bleeding sites) at baseline to ‘generally healthy’ (<10% bleeding sites) at week 8 in both longer‐term clinical trials, versus 24% in the manual toothbrush group and 53% in the sonic toothbrush group.

The studies conclude that this uniquely designed oscillating‐rotating electric toothbrush with a linear magnetic drive delivers significantly greater plaque removal and gingival health benefits with additional features to improve brushing experience and clinical outcomes.

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The International Dental Journal (IDJ) is FDI's primary scientific publication. Published every two months, the IDJ features peer-reviewed articles relevant to oral health
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In line with FDI’s mission to promote information transfer and knowledge sharing, the IDJ offers open access to a select number of articles in each edition. The journal also publishes online supplements and virtual issues that are freely available. 

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