World Oral Health Day

Launching the new World Oral Health Day campaign movie starring Toothie in 'A Happy Mouth is...A Happy Body'

Ahead of 20 March, FDI is thrilled to unveil the new WOHD campaign short movie featuring Toothie and invites everyone to follow the Star’s Instagram Debut.

2024 marks the initial phase of a three-year World Oral Health Day (WOHD) campaign spotlighting the diverse aspects of oral health under the theme: ‘A HAPPY MOUTH IS…’ In this inaugural year, FDI spotlights the intricate connection between oral health and general health, emphasizing that ‘A Happy Mouth is…A Happy Body’.

World Oral Health Day 2024 presents: Toothie the beaver in "A Happy Mouth is…A Happy Body"

As we kick off the new year, Toothie, FDI’s beloved oral health mascot and the face of the WOHD 2024 campaign, invites key stakeholders to celebrate on March 20th with the campaign's new 1-minute movie starring him.

In a world where health starts with a smile, Toothie the beaver will take you on a journey like no other, where the power of oral health will make you say… A Happy Mouth is…A Happy Body.

Embark on an exciting journey deep inside the mouth with Toothie! Download, share the campaign video, trailer, and teaser, and spread the word across social media.

Toothie takes the spotlight on social media

To gain more influence and celebrity status, Toothie will assume the role of a full-time oral health influencer by launching an Instagram channel: @ToothieBeaver.

During the campaign, Toothie will also take over FDI’s @worldoralhealthday Instagram channel, offering a unique opportunity to become a global icon for oral health and spark worldwide engagement and participation.


Toothie insta

Check out the latest campaign materials

Get ready to embark on a journey toward healthier and happier lives for everyone! Explore the wealth of WOHD24 resources available at



Display and distribute the official WOHD posters where Toothie takes centre stage. Additionally, use the people-led campaign posters to bring in the human angle, while the advocacy posters emphasize the importance of universal access to oral health. Posters are available in English, Spanish and French.


Customization Guidelines

If you are a FDI member, you can create an account and log into the “Member Hub” which houses all the ready-made campaign artwork files. You may find it necessary to adapt the materials to suit your specific local context. The member hub also hosts Customization Guidelines specifically crafted to help FDI members design their own activities and initiatives around the day.

Action toolkit

Action toolkit

Seeking inspiration? Our new campaign Action toolkit, available at, offers a plethora of ideas to spark your imagination, catering to everyone:

  • FDI Members, Dentists, Dental and wider Healthcare teams
  • General public
  • Companies and community groups
  • Schools and youth groups
  • Governments and policy makers

Media assets

Grab attention by circulating the media assets in any way you can. Loudly broadcast the significance of the day and the importance of joining our journey to healthier, happier lives.

Start getting involved:

Transform your photos into inspirational campaign materials quickly and easily online by using our custom poster tool at

Share them on our #HappyMouth wall and directly to social media.

Get involved

Choose images that showcase a healthy lifestyle, where people are engaged in active and joyful activities, radiating vitality and a contagious sense of high spirits, from jumping in the air to hula hooping! Let the visuals capture that happy spirit!

Everyone can show their solidarity with the campaign and contribute to the global movement by sharing their images on the Happy Mouth tool.

Go to #HappyMouth tool


More resources will be available in the coming months, so come back and visit the campaign website regularly to get involved with WOHD 2024. Join us on a path towards a happier and healthier you!