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Explore the April issue of the International Dental Journal (IDJ) highlighting the important connections between oral health and emotional, social and mental well-being, through a article collection curated by IDJ Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Lakshman Samaranayake, for World Oral Health Day. Additionally, learn more about the relationship between oral health and COVID-19.

The IDJ is the official scientific journal of FDI. Published every two months, IDJ features peer-reviewed articles relevant to oral health issues worldwide. These focus on international public health, practice-related research, and inter-professional education and practice.

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Editorial by IDJ Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Lakshman Samaranayake



Caring for the Neck and Posture in Dentistry: Better Late Than Never
Elif Ballikaya, Murat Kara, Levent Özçakar


Oral Health, Mental Health and Quality of Life

Job Satisfaction and Perceived Importance of Oral Medicine Amongst Dentists
Marie Naito, Nao Suzuki, Atsushi Shimazu, Naoko Yatabe, ... Takashi Hanioka

Questionnaire Survey of Burnout Amongst Dentists in Singapore
Surinder Arora, Alec Knight

Provision of Oral Health Care by Dentists to Community-Dwelling Older Patients
Pieternella C. Bots-VantSpijker, Claar D. van der Maarel-Wierink, Jos M.G.A. Schols, Josef J.M. Bruers

Dental Anxiety Amongst Pregnant Women: Relationship With Dental Attendance and Sociodemographic Factors
Soha AlRatroot, Gadah Alotaibi, Fai AlBishi, Shahd Khan, Muhammad Ashraf Nazir

Oral Health of Older Patients in Dental Practice: An Exploratory Study
Pieternella C. Bots-VantSpijker, Claar D. van der Maarel-Wierink, Jos M.G.A. Schols, Josef J.M. Bruers

Life Satisfaction of US-trained Dental Specialists in Taiwan
Martin M. Fu, Rebecca Y. Chen, Min-Wen Fu, Huan-Chen Kao, ... Tony Szu-Hsien Lee



A Review of Aerosol Generation Mitigation in International Dental Guidance
Clare Robertson, Jan E. Clarkson, Magaly Aceves-Martins, Craig R. Ramsay, ... Thibault Colloc

Investigation of the Presence of SARS-CoV-2 in Aerosol After Dental Treatment
Hakan Akin, Oguz Karabay, Hande Toptan, Halit Furuncuoglu, ... Mehmet Koroglu

Dentists’ Perceptions of Their SARS-CoV-2 Risk and Infection Control Needs
Leonor Sánchez-Pérez, Dámaris Sosa de Antuñano, Bernardo Perea-Pérez, Elena Labajo-González, A. Enrique Acosta-Gio

COVID-19 Morbidity Among Oral Health Professionals in Brazil
Raquel Conceição Ferreira, Viviane Elisângela Gomes, Najara Barbosa da Rocha, Lorrany Gabriela Rodrigues, ... Gizelton Pereira Alencar

The Impact of COVID-19 on Dentistry in Yichang, China, and Protective Suggestions for Normalisation of Epidemic Prevention
Suli Zhao, Rongcan Sun, Huaizhou Yu, Jing Cao, Lin Zhang

A Retrospective Study of Oral Emergency Services During COVID-19
Hua-Qiu Guo, Tao Xu, Jie Pan, Ai-Ping Ji, ... Jie Bai

Nurses’ Perceptions of Oral Health Care Provision After the COVID-19 Lockdown
Satoru Haresaku, Hisae Aoki, Keiko Kubota, Fuyuko Nakashima, ... Toru Naito

Prevalence of Anosmia or Ageusia in Patients With COVID-19 Among United Arab Emirates Population
Natheer H. Al-Rawi, Ayat R. Sammouda, Eman A. AlRahin, Fatma A. Al Ali, ... Ahmed S. Al Nuaimi


Letters to the Editor

About Assessment of Carotid Artery Calcifications on Radiographs

Pietra Rodrigues Antonello, Thiago de Oliveira Gamba, Heraldo Luís Dias da Silveira

Letter to the Editor: Authors' Response

Mehtap Bilgin Cetin, Yasemin Sezgin, Mediha Nur Nişancı Yılmaz, Cansu Köseoǧlu Seçgin

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