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Read the International Dental Journal article collection curated in celebration of World Oral Health Day

Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Samaranayake launches curated article collection in celebration of the Be Proud of Your Mouth for your happiness and well-being campaign.


Every year on 20 March, people all around the world unite to celebrate World Oral Health Day (WOHD) and help reduce the burden of oral diseases. This year, the Editor-in-Chief of FDI’s flagship International Dental Journal (IDJ), Professor Lakshman Samaranayake, invites you to explore the connection between oral health and emotional, social and mental well-being, through an article collection curated in celebration of the 2022 Be Proud of Your Mouth for your happiness and well-being campaign.

Dental profession’s engagement for patient’s overall well-being

Prof. Samaranayake invites you to read the curated article collection that touches on topics exploring the interconnectivity between oral health and mental well-being, and includes articles on COVID-19, ageing populations, dietary habits, homeless adults, and more.

“…an increasing body of epidemiological, social science, and experimental data which suggest that initiatives that aim to promote only physical well-being to the exclusion of mental and social well-being are doomed to failure.”

In the introduction to the WOHD curated article collection, Oral Health, Mental Health and Quality of Life, Prof. Samaranayake highlights the importance of recognizing the impact of oral health on overall well-being. He observes that for far too long, the dentistry community has shied away from addressing mental health in relation to oral health due to a poor grasp of its conceptual framework. However, he commends recent efforts by oral health professionals to highlight the connection between dental issues and overall health and well-being. He also emphasizes that the collection of articles aims to provide a distinct perspective on the work of oral health professionals related to the quality of life and welfare of patients and dental care providers.

Celebrate WOHD, this year by reading this article collection and sharing it with your peers and friends.

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Donna M. Hackley

Min-Jeong Cho, Hae-Eun Shin, Atsuo Amano, Keun-Bae Song, Youn-Hee Choi

María José González-Olmo, Bendición Delgado-Ramos, Ana Raquel Ortega-Martínez, Martín Romero-Maroto, María Carrillo-Díaz

Rakhi Mittal, Wong Mun Loke, Desmond Ong Luan Seng, Tan Mei Na, ... Patrick Finbarr Allen

Jae Young Han, Ju Suk Lee, Jun Hwa Lee, Mi Hyeon Jin, Sung Hoon Kim

Nir Uziel, Joseph Meyerson, Rami Giryes, Ilana Eli

Seham Mohamed, Mario V. Vettore

Marcela Obst Comassetto, Fernando Neves Hugo, Matheus Neves, Juliana Balbinot Hilgert

Gillian Jean, Estie Kruger, Vanessa Lok


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