Register for a publishing workshop with the IDJ Editor-in-Chief

Gain invaluable insights on publishing research in global journals at the workshop taking place during the 2023 World Dental Congress in Australia.

The World Dental Congress (WDC) 2023 is taking place this year in Sydney, Australia, from 24-27 September. An exciting event that features a robust scientific programme with over 100+ CE-accredited sessions, interactive fora and an extensive exhibition, WDC promises to have something of interest for everyone.

Similarly, we have some exciting news for all researchers looking to publish in an international journal in dentistry and attending WDC. The distinguished Editor-in-Chief of FDI’s flagship journal, the International Dental Journal (IDJ), will be conducting a workshop co-jointly with the Editor-in-Chief of the Australian Dental Journal, Prof. Ivan Darby, during WDC to provide insights on publishing research in an international journal.

Attend the ‘Tips and Tricks for Publishing Your Research’ workshop

Taking place on Tuesday, 26 September, the workshop will review key features of publishing in dental journals, including the selection of a journal for your work, the top mistakes done by the authors as well as what the editors and reviewers want.

“Some of the key takeaways of this workshop will be that novices will learn how to handle the submission process, which can be quite tedious and long. Participants will also learn key insights into what editors want to see, which is very important when writing a paper,” explains Prof. Samaranayake, IDJ Editor-in-Chief.

Participate in the workshop to learn how to choose the perfect journal for your paper, avoid common mistakes, and understand the peer-review process.

To secure your spot, you must first register for WDC 2023 and then register for the workshop.


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