Interprofessional collaboration

Teaming up to develop a mobile app to help manage cancer therapy-related oral complications

FDI is working with the International Society of Oral Oncology to develop a mobile app to aid health professionals in the management of oral complications resulting from cancer therapy.


FDI is pleased to announce a new collaboration with the International Society of Oral Oncology (ISOO), an independent, not-for-profit organization, dedicated to promoting scientific exchange among healthcare professionals in oncology, cytotoxic therapy, and its impact on the oral environment.

We are teaming up to develop an educational mobile app-based learning tool that will guide health professionals in the management of oral complications that may arise due to cancer therapy. Scheduled to be launched next year the app is being developed under the umbrella of FDI’s Oral health and Cancer: Collaborative Care and Patient Education project and is intended to be used by the broad cancer care team, including different health professionals. The project and app development is supported by Zendium/Unilever Oral Care, who are committed to helping healthcare professionals protect the oral health of those whose mouths are the most vulnerable.

Championing inter-professional collaboration

FDI and ISOO have a shared aim to improve the oral health of populations globally, so our goals are well aligned. With one of ISOO’s specific focus areas being educational pursuits related to cancer and oral morbidity associated with cancer therapy, they work to develop educational resources for patients and guidelines and continuous education for professionals.

By working together and uniting the strengths of both organizations we can help further improve the oral health, and overall quality of life, of people with cancer.