World Oral Health Day

World Oral Health Day 2024: Toothie invites you to #BrushandBoogie

As World Oral Health Day approaches, join Toothie in gearing up for 20 March and participate in #BrushandBoogie to inspire everyone to prioritize their oral health for good overall health and well-being.

World Oral Health Day (WOHD) 2024, centered around the theme “A HAPPY MOUTH IS …A Happy Body,” is approaching in a few weeks. As we move forward, Toothie, FDI's cherished oral health mascot and the ambassador of the 2024 campaign, is now in the limelight on social media with the launch of his Instagram channel: @ToothieBeaver.

He has recently launched the #BrushandBoogie challenge inviting encouraging everyone to participate and gear up for #WorldOralHealthDay.

How to #BrushandBoogie

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What if our day started and ended with a song we love and a few dance moves that make us feel happy? A happy mouth can be a happy start and end of every single day if we boogie while we brush.

Join Toothie in sparking a powerful movement to empower people in taking charge of their oral health, with just a few steps:

  1. Grab your toothbrush and toothpaste (make sure it’s fluoride toothpaste).
  2. Turn on your favourite tune.
  3. Then brush and boogie like no-one is watching.

Clean all the sides and surfaces of your teeth to the rhythm of the beat. Before you know it, your 2 minutes brushing time will be over and you won’t want to stop!

Social media filters to Brush and Boogie

Add the star-studded Toothie effect available on Instagram, and create a fun Reel or post with a video or photo of you brushing your teeth while you boogie to your favourite tune. Then challenge your friends to join the #BrushandBoogie movement too. Be inspired by the Brush and Boogie fact sheet or learn more at
Don’t forget to tag us at @worldoralhealthday and @ToothieBeaver.

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Remember to follow Toothie’s adventures on Instagram

We're only a few days into the launch of the WOHD24 campaign's new 1-minute movie and Toothie’s journey to Instagram fame and we couldn’t be off to a better start. In just a week Toothie has gained more than 300 followers and has more than 497,451 views of the launch video.

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We want to keep up this amazing momentum and here’s how you can help with very little effort:

-If you have an Instagram account, please share this image (for feed and stories) welcoming Toothie to Instagram. Please remember to include a tag to @ToothieBeaver even though it’s already included in the image. This makes it easier for your audience to click right to Toothie’s profile. The image can be customized using Canva for both stories and feed posts.

-Feel free to also share the image on your other social media channels even if you don’t have an Instagram account. Please just remember to include a link to:

-If you’re already following Toothie, please be sure to like, comment and share his posts!

Get involved at

Transform your photos into inspirational campaign materials quickly and easily online by using our custom poster tool at

Share them on our #HappyMouth wall and directly to social media.


Choose images that showcase a healthy lifestyle, where people are engaged in active and joyful activities, radiating vitality and a contagious sense of exuberance, from jumping in the air to hula hooping! Let the visuals capture that happy spirit!

Everyone can show their solidarity with the campaign and contribute to the global movement by sharing their images on the Happy Mouth tool.

Go to #HappyMouth tool


More resources will be available in the coming month, so come back and visit the campaign website regularly to get involved with WOHD 2024.

Join us on a path towards a happier and healthier you!