Association Marocaine de Prévention Bucco-dentaire (AMPBD)

Created in March 1990, AMPBD is a social association working to improve oral health in Morocco.

The Moroccan Association of Oral Prevention (AMPBD), an autonomous independent association, is a subsidiary of the Moroccan dental society in accordance with Article 3, paragraph 7, of the latter.

A non-profit non-governmental association governed by the Dahir No. 1-58-376 of 3 jummada 1st 1378 (15 November 1958) as amended and supplemented by the Dahir of Rabia 1 1393 (April 10, 1976) Regulating the right of association in Morocco.

AMPBD organizes national campaigns for the prevention, screening of oral diseases and charitable care.

AMPBD Activities

Tour of Morocco

Annual appointment since 1994, affecting approximately 60,000 children / year in urban and rural areas, this operation includes:

  • A lesson of prevention in classes
  • The screening of an educational film
  • Initiation to dental brushing
  • Oral screening


Feast of Oral Prevention Rallying Entertainment to Education
It offers 4 spaces: Information Space, Space Animation, Space Screening, Space Games


Organization of an annual seminar since 1994
During these seminars: Different themes were proposed:

  • Diverse Conferences
  • Executive training workshops
  • Awarding of the annual best AMPBD award
  • Prize awarded for the best thesis on oral hygiene prevention

Objective Zero caries

This action is part of the oral hygiene awareness campaigns carried out by AMPBD in collaboration with Unilever Maghreb.

Activities in holiday camps

Partnership with the Ministry of Youth, Collaboration with associations for childcare, Awareness of disadvantaged children, during the months of July and August. Training of educational relays (boy scouts, facilitators)

Activity in sports clubs

  • Sensitization of children in oral hygiene
  • Prevention of dental trauma due to sports shocks
  • Training of sports managers

2, rue Abou Bakr Al Baklani
20070 Casablanca

Phone number
Email address

33.594017, -7.624303